architect/ photographer/ designer/ songwriter/ father/ husband

This is a fitting week to post about my husband! After years of school, experience, and testing, he can finally call himself a licensed Architect. I'm excited to see how he builds upon this and is able to incorporate his other passions into the weave of what he does for work and who he is as a person. I love this photo of him, because it is classic John. He is often dreaming about something; looking into the distance to sort out what he just saw, and how it connects to the here and now. He keeps me on my toes, and I have come to love and appreciate the way he thinks and looks at the world a little different than my linear brain. I love working on a team with him, whether it's design, songwriting, or shooting a wedding, it's fun to be creative with him and encourage each other!

So here's to my architect/ photographer/ designer/ songwriter/ father/ husband/ farmer/ creative/ dreamer  -  may God help you fit it all together and walk in all He's planned for you. May you feel the freedom to be yourself and enjoy who you are.